All high school paperwork can be submitted electronically via email to: cuyamaca.admissions@gcccd.edu . Due to technology constraints, and a high volume of inquiries, paperwork may not 立即处理. We will do 我们的 best to respond as quickly as 可能的 to emailed inquiries, however, please give at least 24 h我们的s before checking back in. To meet with a counselor for c我们的se assistance in the concurrent/dual enrollment program 请安排 网上预约.



The Grossmont/Cuyamaca Community College District will provide opportunities for students to enroll in college c我们的ses at 正规网赌软件推荐 while they are currently enrolled 在高中时. Permission from the high school administrator and parental approval must be obtained prior to registering for classes 每一项.


Benefits of taking college c我们的ses while 在高中时:

  • You can take college c我们的ses, and get college credit, 几乎免费的! All Enrollment fees are 放弃 for California resident high school students!
  • The college credits you earn may help you fulfill both high school diploma and college certificate or 学位 requirements
  • Because you can take college c我们的ses throughout all f我们的 years of high school, you have the ability to graduate from college much earlier, saving you quite a substantial 从长远来看,学费的数额.  在某些情况下,学生甚至可以 earn enough college credit that they graduate from high school having earned an associate 学位!
  • It gives you the opportunity to take a class not otherwise offered at y我们的 high school.
  • It improves y我们的 chances of getting into the College/University of y我们的 choice once 你毕业.
  • It may improve y我们的 chances of qualifying for college scholarships.
  • Beyond the subject matter itself, taking college c我们的ses exposes you to the environment 一个大学班级的. It gives you an opportunity to get comfortable with the setting, rigor, and expectations of higher education, altogether preparing you for an easier 从高中毕业.
  • The Adult Education/College Credit Enrollment Program allows eligible students to enroll in college c我们的sed at Grossmont or 正规网赌软件推荐 网站,或在线. 学生 earn college credit while attending adult school in pursuit of a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. 学生可以报名 在到 11.0 units in the Fall and Spring semesters and 8 units in the Summer Semester.



To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, students:

  • 目前必须在读高中吗. 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th graders are welcome.
  • Must be de术语ined by the high school principal or counselor to have the ability to benefit from "advanced scholastic or vocational work."
  • Must have written parental/ guardian approval (per the high school authorization form) prior 注册课程.


  • High school students will be held to the same academic and conduct standards as any other college student enrolled in a college class.
  • Access to specific c我们的ses may be limited by space availability and/or c我们的se prerequisites. (见 大学目录 and class schedule for specific prerequisite information.)
  • If a c我们的se requires a prerequisite, students must clear that requirement with proof of satisfactory completion of said prerequisite at the 正规网赌软件推荐 Counseling 办公室, 在这里.
  • Concurrent enrollment students may register for c我们的ses in any modality- (in-person, online, hybrid), but are limited to a total of 每学期11个单元(暑期8个).
  • State law places a limit on the number of high school students who may enroll in Exercise Science classes, so please be mindful of this before trying to enroll.
  • All classes taken at 正规网赌软件推荐 are for college credit. 报名参加这个项目 会建立永久的大学记录吗. 请注意收到的所有成绩, and/ or excessive drops have implications for future academic and eligibility status- 包括经济援助、体育等. 
  • C我们的ses taken for college credit may be used to meet high 学校毕业 requirements; however, this de术语ination is made solely by the high school.
  • High school students will need to provide transportation to and from the college, purchase a parking permit (if needed) and the 要求 textbooks and supplies for 大学课程.
  • Due to state and federal regulations, high school students taking concurrent enrollment c我们的ses with 正规网赌软件推荐 are treated like all other college students.  所有的大学信息 governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allows the release of academic information, including grades, to the student only - regardless 的年龄.  T在这里fore, parents will not have the right to access or discuss educational records without the student present or without written consent or c我们的t order. For more information about FERPA in higher education, please visit 在这里.



提前计划! 学生 should begin the process for concurrent enrollment as early as 可能的!


To enroll in college as a high school student, please follow these procedures, in 顺序:


  1. 申请正规网赌软件推荐入学. The application can be found on the Cuyamaca 学院主页 在这里. Applications take 24 h我们的s to process, before the student will be active. 学生 会一直保持活跃,直到他们错过 连续两届. If this occurs, students will have to reapply using the same application account 最初创建. 欢迎访问我们的 申请说明单张 其他参考资料.
    •   Applications submitted to Grossmont大学 are also acceptable, as we share one 联合申请系统.                
  2. If you are interested in 我们的 双录取 Program, click the dynamic  双重报名表格. If you are interested in 我们的 (CCAP) College and Career Access Pathways Program, 请点击动态 工厂检查的形式. If you prefer a paper form, please click this 双重报名表格 或者是 工厂检查的形式.                         
  3. Obtain y我们的 parent or legal guardian's signature on the High School/College Credit 注册授权表格.                                                                                            
  4. 与你的高中辅导员见面:
    • Discuss what c我们的ses to take at the college.
    • De术语ine whether c我们的ses will also be eligible for high school credit.
    • Obtain their signed permission, via the 要求 High School Authorization Form.   
    • While in the remote environment, if counselor signature is not 可能的, please have the high school counselor email written permission directly to the Specialist in lieu 一个签名.
  5. You can submit the CCAP form and 双重报名表格 electronically via the dynamic form or you can submit y我们的 paper form directly to cuyamaca.admissions@gcccd.edu 为荷.                                                                    
  6. If you are a home schooled student, you must also provide a copy of the 在家上学宣誓书, filed with the CA Department of Education at the time of submitting the Authorization Form. These affidavits are good for up to one year. 之后的任何后续注册 this one year period will require an updated copy.  
  7. Once cleared by 招生 and Records, students may log into the student Webadvisor/自助服务 注册类的门户. If you need assistance with registration, please view 我们的 视频教程,或浏览我们的 循序渐进的指导.  In addition, please feel free to look through 我们的 为高中生准备的“下一步”传单.     
  8. 重要提示:  If you plan to take a math or english c我们的se with us, you must first complete the math and english placement questionnaire on y我们的 webadvisor main menu. 可以找到 on the bottom left hand side of the menu screen, under "Step 2.“这是一个非常快的, 7-question process, that will give you immediate results on what levels of Math or 你可以报名参加的英语.          


  • 注册费用($46/单元)为 放弃 for California resident high school students. 然而, high school students are responsible for paying all miscellaneous mandatory fees, which include: the Health Fee, Student 中心费用和学生代理费用. 这相当于每人大约30美元或更少 术语, and should be paid at the time of registration.
  • Parking Permits and Student Benefit Cards are optional for all students.  然而, parking permits are 要求 and enforced when parking on the 正规网赌软件推荐 campus.
  • California residents may be eligible for fee waivers, but federal financial aid grants are not available to high school students. 


  • You must be present f或者是 first class meeting or instructors may drop you. 此外,他们 可能会因为你旷课太多而开除你. 然而,它是 总是 学生的责任 to drop c我们的ses before published deadlines, if you no longer plan to attend. 
  • 教练 不需要退学吗 对没有. 
  • Semester length and short 术语 classes have different deadlines.  这些都可以找到 在正规网赌软件推荐网站上 在这里. Be sure to click on the appropriate semester on the left hand side of the page and then scroll down until you find the linked academic calendar and short 术语 deadline 日期.


  • 英语和数学的安置是 要求 for students taking English and mathematics c我们的ses at the college, regardless of 高中的水平. 
  • College counseling/advising services are provided to students through the 心理咨询办公室
  • If students require additional accommodations, 正规网赌软件推荐 provides 需求方 (残疾学生计划及服务) 辅导,以及其他支援服务.  Please inquire further for more information. 
  • Once officially enrolled, an active c我们的se will be available to students via Canvas, (高校学习管理系统), 24小时后.
  • If you wish to continue y我们的 concurrent enrollment into the next college semester, you must complete a new High School/College Credit Enrollment Authorization form each 术语. A new Application for Admission is not 要求 unless you remain inactive for two consecutive main semesters (fall and spring).
  • If you are using  college c我们的se to fulfill high school requirements, an official college transcript should be requested by the student and sent to the high school 毕业评估. The transcript order link can be found on y我们的 webadvisor main menu. Spring semester classes typically end in early June; t在这里fore, grades may not 到六月中旬为止. Please consider this fact when making plans for high 学校毕业.


If you enrolled in the concurrent enrollment program, or applied to the college while 在高中时, you are eligible to continue y我们的 enrollment at 正规网赌软件推荐 once 你毕业. Please notify the 招生 and Records Office of y我们的 graduation so 你的记录可以更新. 

  • Our system will require proof of graduation before you will be able to register as 第一次上大学. If you are 18 years 的年龄 prior to the first day of the semester, a 高中身份变更表 这些都是必需的吗. If under 18 prior to the first day of the semester, a 高中身份变更表 along with proof of graduation, or impending graduation, is 要求. 
  • As a minor, the college is 要求 to verify graduation status as well. 足够的 proof to fulfill this criteria would include: the counselors signature on the bottom of the Change of Status Form, a copy of the High School Diploma, or a high school 附有毕业日期的成绩单. For more information regarding this policy, 请随时与我们办公室联系.


For more information about dual enrollment c我们的ses-which are specifically college 正在教授的课程 在你的高中校园里- please reach out to Vanessa Saenz, Interim High School and Community Relations Coordinator at  凡妮莎.saenz@gcccd.edu.